Standby generator service contracts are the best way to have peace of mind for your diesel generator sets and our generator maintenance contracts offers an excellent way to keep your standby power equipment in top condition so that when it is needed it is primed to go!

Standby Generator Service Contracts

There is nothing worse than installing expensive back-up generators or UPS and CHP units only to find they are faulty when the crunch comes. Even the very best power generators need regular maintenance and servicing to guarantee peak performance when needed. A backup power system that doesn’t perform properly when it’s needed is no kind of backup at all.

Choose Shenton Group for your power supply maintenance and servicing; with strategically placed depots across the UK and a nationwide network of technical engineers and support staff, we promise the highest standards of UPS and power generator servicing, generator repair, maintenance and emergency response.

Data centres, hospitals, IT companies, hotels, oil and gas companies, large offices, mobile phone companies and universities around the whole of the UK are our customers and we would love to help with your generator maintenance contracts; you can see a loadbank test in progress below:

Loadbank Testing

With our UK-wide group of trained expert engineers you are in safe hands entrusting your generator maintenance Glasgow and Lanarkshire to us – we understand the vital importance of standby power and with recent dramatic outages in the need for reliable power when you need it is underlined. We offer optional fuel polishing which you can see in this link to our corporate site.

Shenton Group is also a leading supplier of standby generators for sale or on rental, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and combined heat and power plants (CHP) and we will be glad to quote for your needs see our corporate website here or call us on 0844 888 4445 to discuss your needs in more detail. Contact us to talk over your needs today on 0844 888 4445.

Contact our sales office to talk over your needs for energy management and generator rental at:

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