FPT Power Train & IVECO Engines Factory

Diesel standby generators require an excellent prime mover power plant that is optimised for power generation and can start and move more or less from cold to full load very quickly.

Shenton Group is unique in the UK power back up industry in offering a very broad range of engines of your choice so that you can be advised exactly by our consultants which combination of diesel engine and alternator will serve your precise needs best.

Rental generator for the rough and tumble of a construction site? Hospital back up generator? Data centre critical back up? We cover them all – have a look at this FPT engine factory video to see how our Iveco generator engines are made in Italy, Brazil and China. We also supply MTU, Volvo, Mitsubishi and Perkins – call us on 0844 888 4445 today.

The Brilliance of PowerCall From Shenton Group

PowerCall goes back to 2004 and yet the fundamental brilliance remains – for a small fee per month you have speedy access to a UK wide substantial fleet of road towed generators that are guaranteed to be with you inside 3 hours to get you up and running again – you don’t even need your own generator in many cases – talk to us for more details or click here.

Please watch our corporate video about PowerCall here: 

Stay tuned – Shenton Group is a dynamic and agile company and while PowerCall is currently limited to 77kVA gensets we are always open to considering larger gensets – solutions focused, reactive, friendly, professional and quick – that;s Shenton Group!

New Livery For Our Rental Generators

Bathing in the Hampshire sun, this heavy duty generator is part of our generator rental fleet for hire to leading event and construction companies – it sports our new livery and branding for this fleet because as you know – nothing stays still at Shenton Group as we progress with more and more innovative yet cost-effective and practical ways to keep you in power.

Generator Rental

Call us on 0844 888 4445 or head over to our corporate website for a generator rental price.

Power Cuts in Beautiful California | October 2019

Although it is the beating heart of the technology industry, home to Google, LinkedIn and many other successful tech ventures and no doubt billions of megabytes of data – there is one problem right now in California – that is power generation.

Ageing power infrastructure is at the mercy of wildfires at the moment which have destroyed premises and houses and the Pacific Gas and Electric company has also been forced to switch off transmission power wires for fear that these may cause fires.

You can see more on the BBC website here:

Emergency backup generators? Seems like they are sold out according to social media.

Have a look at our interesting NASA map of the United States at night below; we have marked the approximate location of the wildfires, not far from the Napa Valley wine area.

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Electrical Safety With UPS & Diesel Standby Generators Video

Working with powerful Generator Sets and high and low voltage switchgear makes us very conscious of the need for electrical safety – we are sure you are as well and we can all learn from the excellent NAPO safety videos as shown here:

NEWS – From our corporate website..

Over the summer the National Grid outage demonstrated how reliant as a nation we are on our electricity supply. It would be a catastrophe if there was a prolonged absence of power leaving us in darkness, stranded in our transport network and without the connectivity, we all so heavily rely on.

A recent report published by Dr Edward Oughton from Oxford University claimed that a cyber-attack on London’s power grid alone could cost as much as £111 million per day and that even a small attack on our energy network would result in chaos for 1.5 million people. He said, “Critical national infrastructure such as smart electricity networks are susceptible to malicious cyberattacks which could cause substantial power outages and cascading failure.”*

Flagged as an easy target, the National Grid is considered by many to be a weak spot that could be targeted by our enemies, so should we be concerned?