With our generators for hospitals maintenance service key healthcare facilities and general and primary care hospitals can be confident of their diesel standby generators being in top condition when they are needed.

Generators For Hospitals Mantenance

We offer regular and prompt generator maintenance contracts and scheduled visits and can also include loadbank testing to ensure your set has what it takes when the crunch comes.

Facilities and buildings managers in hospitals work seamlessly with the Shenton team, who, on at least one recent occasion responded to a UPS for hospital failure in the south of England by having the whole dated UPS system isolated, removed and replaced the whole thing inside 24 hours so that critical work could continue in the operating theatres and laboratories.

You can see what our contractor customer thought of us in this email to our MD: “Firstly, thanks again for the amazing turnaround last week – you’ve made me something of a miracle worker this end!”

Generators For Hospitals Maintenance

With our UK-wide group of trained expert engineers you are in safe hands entrusting your generators for hospitals maintenance to Shenton Group – we understand the vital importance of standby power to hospitals, nursing homes and other outlets; with recent dramatic power outages in the south east the need for reliable power when you need it is underlined.

We also offer generator rental if you have a short-term requirement across all sizes of generator set and also an emergency power in the hour service where we react 24 hours per day to emergency call out from yourselves. Do you need a quote for a new set or a CHP plant or UPS installation? We are one of the leading suppliers and installers of these systems in the UK.

Call us for more details or testimonials as to our generator maintenance for hospitals plans and rates – we’ll keep you in power – 365 days per year.

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Generators For Hospitals Maintenance