Generator Maintenance Scotland

It’s a sound investment to service your standby generator regularly and generator maintenance Scotland from Shenton Group offers an excellent way to keep your standby power equipment in top condition all over Scotland so that when it is needed it is ready. Nothing worse than installing expensive back up generators or UPS units only to find they are faulty when the crunch comes; we have a dedicated engineer network and office in the heart of Scotland at Grangemouth as well as a range of national contracts operating UK-wide.

Data centres, hospitals, IT companies, hotels, offshore oil and gas rigs and large offices and universities around Scotland and the whole of the UK are our customers and from Coldstream to Kirkcaldy, Glasgow and Ullapool we would like to help you with your generator maintenance needs.

Generator Maintenance Scotland

With our UK-wide group of trained expert engineers you are in safe hands entrusting your generator maintenance Scotland to us – we have an administrative and sales office in Scotland and understand the vital importance of standby power to nursing homes and other industries; with recent dramatic outages the need for reliable power when you need it is underlined.

Generator Maintenance Contracts

Shenton Group offer a comprehensive range of different generator maintenance Scotland contracts with optional fuel polishing for different customers including 24 hour call-out option, it is important to test start your diesel generator regularly and we also offer a load bank test service with the latest equipment for creating the ultimate test for your generator set.

Generator Maintenance Scotland

Have a look at our video explaining our HawkEye2 generator remote monitoring technology here.

Shenton Group is also a leading supplier of standby generators for sale or on rental, uninterruptible power supplies Scotland (UPS) and combined heat and power plants Scotland (CHP) and we will be glad to quote for your needs see our corporate website here or call us on 0344 888 4445 to discuss your needs in more detail.

Contact us at our Scotland office to talk over your needs or discuss generator rental Scotland here:

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