Generator Maintenance London

It is very important to service standby power generators regularly and our generator maintenance London service offers an excellent way to have peace of mind and keep your vital standby power generator equipment in top condition for when it is needed in your data centre, embassy, government office, hospital or hotel around the City of London. Why not call into our office at Lloyds Avenue near Fenchurch Street to discuss your exact needs?

There is nothing worse than installing expensive back up generators or UPS and CHP units only to find they are faulty when the crunch comes and this is one reason why we have an office based in EC3N in the heart of London to help customers and building management specialists benefit from our 30 years of expertise in combined heat and power and UPS London units.

Generator Maintenance London

With our UK-wide group of trained expert engineers you are in safe and speedy hands entrusting your generator maintenance London needs to shentongroup – we understand the uniquely vital importance of standby power generators to all manner of establishments as we frequently fit them on hire, rental or purchase basis – we also offer PowerCall – a speedy service to rush a towed generator to your building to get you up and running after a power outage.

Emergency Generator Hire London

The recent dramatic power outages in Kent and the South East only underline the need for reliable power when you need it and undoubtedly a regular load bank test, checking and changing vital lubricants and test running your generator set on a regular basis by our trained professionals makes a lot of sense. We are also the sole authorized dealer for TEDOM CHP plants (combined heat and power) and we frequently work with industry and homes across London area to install these ultra efficient power generators that provide considerable heat supply; customers are asking for CHP maintenance contracts so that they have the best return on investment.

CHP Plant London

Generator maintenance London contracts from us are simplicity itself as the price is the same from 100kva to 1500kva+ and includes call out and load bank testing and a detailed report for your records. We have our own remote monitoring system called Hawkeye2 which is at work round the clock all over the UK to monitor critical power back up assets at hospitals and across key industries in the area; please see our video which explains this generator set monitoring technology here.

We offer generator maintenance contracts, regular servicing and are available for advice and consultancy about your power needs our servicing contracts can include optional fuel polishing which you can see along with our various packages in this table:

Generator Maintenance London

Shenton Group is a leading supplier of diesel standby generators, uninterruptible power supply London (UPS) and combined heat and power plant London (CHP) and we will be glad to quote for your needs. Our corporate website also contains a useful technical blog with a range of deeply researched articles on energy efficiency, complete thermal and power supply systems, servicing tips, FAQ and ‘How-To’ guides for the world of commercial standby power and UPS systems we have supplied and repaired around London.  

Contact our central London sales office to talk over your needs for energy management, diesel generator servicing contracts, call-out hire and back up generators London at:

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