Generator Maintenance For Military Bases

With standby generators being a vital asset for communications our generator maintenance for military bases is a great way for your site to enjoy peace of mind and keep your vital generators in top condition. A good example of this is the work we undertook at the RAF Valley training base which needs its backup generators to be in pristine condition at all times. RAF Valley’s remote location on Anglesey off west Wales meant that it needed to repair its generators quickly and our defence generator maintenance and servicing was the ideal answer.

Working within a location like this needs strict adherence to Ministry of Defence regulations and our engineers have a great deal of experience in this field. In the exposed coastal environment, the standby generators’ canopies had corroded and we undertook a complete turnkey operation, from initial design through to installation of new bespoke GRP enclosures, designed by Shenton Group with stainless steel, motorised louvres and generator exhausts.

Thanks to our expertise in generator maintenance for military bases, RAF Valley’s generator sets are now protected from harsh coastal weather and can provide ample backup power in the event of any brown-out or black-out. With our UK wide depots and expert engineers you are in safe hands entrusting your generator maintenance for military bases to us. After 30 years in diesel standby generators maintenance close to Salisbury Plain and Aldershot we understand the vital importance of standby generators in Defence Estates.

Generator Maintenance For Military Bases

Along with emergency standby generators rental, our expertise in generator maintenance for military bases from our Andover offices shown above is unsurpassed. We are a leading supplier of diesel standby generators for the military, UPS uninterruptible power supplies and military combined heat and power plant (CHP) and we will be glad to speak with you about any needs you may have.

A regular load bank test, checking and changing vital lubricants, cooling systems and test running your military generator set by our engineers makes a lot of sense and our contracts can include fuel polishing. Have a look at our handy technical blog here to see a range of researched articles on energy efficiency, complete thermal and power supply systems, servicing tips, FAQ and ‘How-To’ guides.

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